Dehuller machine

Huskers ( hulling machine, dehuller machine ) are used for  husk and chaff removal of dry grains. 
- triticum spelta, -triticum dicoccum, -triticum monococcum, - buckwheat, - millet, - sorghum, - HEMP , - sunflower
Video how the machine works with tritikum spelta:
Prices: 2200-5200 EUR
Capacity 80-750 KG/H

- hazelnut, - walnut, - almond, - plum, - peach, - cherry
Video how the machine works:

Prices: 3100-5200 EUR
Capacity 300-500 KG/H

Big Husker:
Video how the machine works with tritikum spelta, alakor, sunflower:
Prices 18.000 Eur-22.000 Eur
 Capacity 300-750 (1500) KG/H
Crops that can be husked:
- buckwheat 
- spellt 
- millet 
- barley 
- oats 
- sunflower 
- hemp 
- nuts 
- tigernuts 

The huskers are equipped with  frequency-changing rev regulator. 
 The huskers do not  sort out  chaff from the grain and broken grain during the operation. 
 It`s necessary to select and winnow the husked grain.
 The selection of husked crops can be performed by the selector in the picture below  (crop selecting machine).The machine sorts out  whole grain from  broken grain and chaff during the selection process. 
The machine capacity in case of wheat selection is 750kg/hour prices 2200 Eur. The machine performs the selection by vibratory sieves and airflow.