Potato and onion peelers

We undertake the renovation of the inner surface of potato peelers. With this method, the old, worn abrasive surface is applied again, re-enabling an effective peeling. 
Both fixed and rotor parts will be renewed. The renovation price is from 60 to 200 Euros 
In case of onion peelers we also undertake the renovation of  cylinders, piping surfaces and regranulating. With this method, the worn grinding surface of each of our machine can be renewed and the worklife of the machine can be greatly extended. 
The price of renovation depends on the length and diameter of the cylinders. 
The diameter of an overage cylinder is 100-120 mm,its  length is 1000-3000 mm. 
 The renovation price is  60 to 200 Euro per cylinder.
For renovation,please send us the worn out parts.