The manufacturer guarantees that the machine mill stones can be used for 10 years under normal use (8 hours a day), with  factory settings and features. 
If the mill stones are damaged because of misuse, the warranty is not valid. 
Under misuse we understand: 
-stone, metal or any other unfitting material come between the millstones together with the  material that we want to grind; 
- liquid or chemical come on or between the millstones; 
- during lifting the millstones fall down, crack or some pieces come away from their grinding surface. 
The motor of the machine has a   1-year warranty! 
The warranty is valid from 20__.____________.___! 
If you have any questions, please call the following phone number: 
Judit Farago Farkas 
Peterreve, .... .................... .................... 
                                                                                     Judit Farago Farkas